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Our Products

Mood of Wood does not only beautify your home and office but creates enhanced living experiences with unique furniture designs built for every need. You can choose from a wide selection of sofa sets, dining tables, office chairs and tables, office cubicles, cabinetry, bedroom and living room furniture, and decor items. We build, install, and provide maintenance services along with customizing the same at your request.


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Just as the lockdown hit the economy, we were said to work from home, and it was good in the beginning as comfort levels were off the roof. But soon, it started to get a bit mundane, and the too-cosy posture was affecting my productivity. That is when I got some work-from-home specific furniture from Mood of Wood. The guys helped me select the best workstation furniture, and I could see my work productivity coming back without affecting the comfort levels.

Mehul Anand

I always wanted my home to look like a modern marvel from the inside without compromising the available space. Mood of Wood furniture got me the perfect items for the entire house made from sustainable materials, so I won’t have to worry about changing anything for years to come.

Mehul Patel

After getting my dream office, it was my first wish to empower the interiors with ergonomic furniture that helps enhance employee productivity. It was great to get in touch with the people from Mood of Wood and secure the best corporate furniture that boasts professionalism and design at its best.

Nirav Mehta

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